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Internal Audit

The term Internal Audit usually inspires two responses.
The first is fear: Is something wrong in the organization?
Are we out of compliance with current laws and regulations?
What will "the fix" cost us?

The second is the image of a large fortune 500 company with people and resource that an internal audit function requires. But smaller organizations and entrepreneurs can perform internal audit or have it performed in an efficient and cost effective way that produces positive change and results, improves the business and its underlying process, and may even make employees happier about the work they do & how they do it.

    You may need an internal audit for the following reasons:

  • To understand and verify how activities and process are actually operating, rather than just thinking you know how they are working.
  • To look into known problem areas and develop a fact based action plan to make corrections and improvements.
  • To verify that critical areas that must operate flawlessly are in fact doing so.

Our Internal audits bring out actionable reports that directly lead to process improvements.

If you're concerned about the cost involved in an in-house internal audit department then we are here to serve you. Today outsourcing the entire internal audit function is a proven and effective business solution which allows management to focus its time and effort on the core activities of the organization. Prakash Kochar & Co has number of clients benefiting from outsourced audit support services. We have been offering tailored solutions to meet the distinct needs of our clients through our well documented audit methodology which are in line with the international best practices.

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