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Special Purpose  Audit

  The Special Investigation Audits are carried on behalf of Banks, Financials Institutions, Top Management, Judicial Bodies, Special group of Investors etc. Businesses face new and unseen challenges everyday and often situations arise, where a specialized and at times onetime assessment may be necessary. The need for special audits may arise because of a number of reasons, for example-when the affairs of a particular branch, agent or distributor, etc. are not being managed in accordance with sound business principles or prudent commercial practices.

Special Audits are also conducted for cases where a company feels that any employee, partner or vendor's act is likely to cause serious injury to the interest of the trade, industry or business or to assist clients with business acquisition and sale; investigation of and litigation support The main objective of such an audit is to provide a critical review of a company's working and its state of affairs.

At Prakash Kochar & Co Special Audits are quick, tailor made and help companies root out specific violations immediately without having to wait for their periodic audits. We suggest corrective actions to be taken to prevent such unwarranted incidents in future.

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