Search and Seizure

Unlike the scrutiny, survey and arrear collections which involve intangible assets such as your bank account, a search resulting in a seizure is taking possession of physical assets, such as your jewelry, cash balance & other tangible assets.

A Search & Seizure is the most serious consequence of the Income tax department and if not handled suitably it can bring your business to a grinding halt, become a nightmare and take away your peace from all your activities.

At Prakash Kochar & Co we take action in all ways to shoulder your worries. With a preliminary analysis of the case papers and a perspective of the Income tax officers & tribunal, we with our wide exposure and experience of two decades in this arena can provide a foresight that helps to bring the case to a logical conclusion which is a win-win situation for all the stake holders in the case. We act proactively to swiftly come to a solution rather than entangling the case to prolonged litigations.

If you are involved in any big ticket transaction that may attract Income tax departments attention then its time you get prepared. The tentacles of Income Tax Department are spreading far & wide with the aid of technology. At Prakash Kochar & co such Search & seizure risks can be mitigated by careful planning and action. We go that extra mile to understand the consequence and preempt actions to sort all search issues for you. So if you are afflicted or a likely party to search & seizure of Income Tax Department then we shall be more than happy to help you.

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