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Determining the value of a business is not a mathematical or accounting exercise; it requires experience, training and in-depth understanding of every process that leads to the valuation conclusion. We at PKC select and deploy the most suitable valuation technique. We consider six crucial dimensions of the business enterprise in arriving at valuation.

You may need an Valuation for the following reasons:

  • Independent valuation exercises are objective and provide an unbiased opinion about the business value.
  • The Professional approach to valuation removes ambiguity gives just and fair estimates.
  • The valuation provides holistic view covering all crucial aspects of the business unit.
  • Experts are also able to assist with ideas for investment or acquisition projects or other elements that could maximize the value of the business.
  • When carried out before starting strategic planning, valuation exercise highlights the current position and facilitates designing business plan to improve the valuation.
  • Valuation highlights the “non financial areas” such as compliances and governances having influence on the valuation numbers.


Do you know that business valuation need not only be conducted during “buy/sell” situations, in fact, valuation identifies the critical drivers which impacts the money value of the business. With dynamic business environment, it is now suggested to value the business at regular intervals to get fair idea of present stance of the company.


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